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Forest Consultancy


Patrick Milne M. For. Sci, NZ Dip Sci., NZCF, MNZIF

Patrick Milne is a Registered Forest Consultant and as such is subject to both an ongoing CPD program and 5-yearly peer review. Registration is administered by The NZ Institute of Forestry.  He is also the Diverse Species Theme Leader with Future Forest Research Ltd.  Patrick is a Past President of the NZ Farm Forestry Association and am currently still a member of the Executive.

Patrick have been actively involved in the NZ Forest Industry for over 40 years and much of the last 20 years working with small forest growers and farmers and have a wide experience of most aspects of NZ forestry.

Southern Cypresses can provide the complete range of forestry consultancy services for forest owners, farmers and lifestyle blocks.  This includes feasibility studies, planning, establishment, management, harvest options, inventory, auditing, joint ventures and carbon management – please contact us to discuss further.